Repair Process

Here’s how the Repair Process Works…

We don’t just fix your register. Your register is completely disassembled and rebuilt. Casings are stripped, sand blasted and washed clean, then all parts are assembled and painted. The register mechanisms are also completely torn down, cleaned and blasted (except for plastic and painted pieces). A special blasting material is used which removes corrosion and grit without harming the metal plating.

Register wheelRegister wheels (i.e. #9 and #5) have plastic pins that are molded into the wheel as part of the whole register. Pawl’s (#10) ride on plastic pins. These pins can break from resetting the register to hard or resetting while counting. Master Meter Repair installs “Metal Pins” into the register wheels and guarantees them for “Life” against pin breakage.

Print wheels fatigue and fail over time and all four wheels must be replaced at considerable expense. We install our own redesigned “M739” print wheels resulting in a great savings over factory new wheels and they are Guaranteed for the life of the register.

These proven solutions are Master Meter Repair Exclusives.


Call us if you have any questions regarding this high-quality service at (973) 398-8300.

Repair Process